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Make Money Driving For Lyft in Saint Louis

Make Money Driving For Lyft in Saint Louis

Starting your journey in the rideshare space can be a lonely road ahead.

Get tips by using the guide just below this paragraph. 

As a special bonus you can download my special report that deals with the do’s and don’ts while driving rideshare, specifically in the Saint Louis area.  

Breaking News: Lyft is Running a Promotion in Saint Louis

At the time of this writing Lyft is running a Drive For Lyft Saint Louis promotional deal where you can Earn $1,200 guaranteed by driving with Lyft in St. Louis. Apply here, and give 100 rides in 30 days:  Terms Apply.  Act fast as these promotions DO NOT LAST LONG!

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Start Earning with Lyft Today


People hailing taxis from the curb are a common sight in any big
city around the world. However, such a sight could soon be a
thing of the past, thanks to apps like Uber and Lyft. These apps
hire drivers as independent contractors and connect users in
need of a ride with the nearest available driver.

Uber has been around since 2009 and is already available in 45
countries around the world and in over 200 cities. Its main
competitor, Lyft, has been around since 2012 and is available in
64 cities around the U.S. You can Make Money Driving For Lyft in Saint Louis!

These services have been receiving a lot of attention from the
media lately and their success shows no signs of letting off. Uber
just announced it would launch a food delivery service based on
the same principle.

When you become a driver for Uber or Lyft, it’s possible to earn
more than what a taxi driver makes. Plus, it’s an ideal way to
supplement your main source of income since you can work
flexible hours.


Uber and Lyft are based on a very simple principle. Users input
their location and their desired destination. They are matched
with a driver who is in the area, and the driver is prompted to
accept the ride.

Once the driver accepts, the passenger receives information
about the estimated pick up time and the car’s license plate.
Drivers and passengers can communicate through the app in
case the passenger has to cancel or more information is needed
to find the pickup location.

Lyft and Uber offer different categories of vehicles to choose
from. Most users choose the basic service offered, namely riding
in an economy vehicle.

Payments are processed through the apps. Lyft users can tip
their driver and toll fees are automatically added to what the
passenger pays. Passengers also rate their driver through the
app once they have been dropped off.

Earn a Part Time or full-Time Income. Get Started Today


There are a few requirements you have to meet in order to
become an independent contractor for these companies.
First, ensure that Uber or Lyft is available in your area by
checking their websites.

Make Money Driving For Lyft in Saint Louis
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If one of these companies operates in your area, see if you
can meet these requirements:

  • A reliable vehicle. Uber lets you sign up as long as your
    vehicle is in good working order. Lyft requires that you own a
    2000 or 2005 model car or newer, depending on your city.
  • Age and background. You have to be 21 or older and pass a
    background check for both services. Lyft also performs a
    check through the DMV to ensure you have a good driving
  • Driver’s license. You need a valid driver’s license to become
    an independent contractor for either service.
    ✓ Uber also requires you to have a commercial driver
    license. Getting one of these licenses costs between $100
    and $300.

    ✓ Lyft only requires you to have a regular license, but it is
    likely a commercial license will be required in the near
  • Personal auto insurance. You don’t need additional
    coverage, since these companies will provide you with
    additional coverage for what your policy doesn’t cover.
  • Good driving and people skills. The passengers you pick up
    will rate you through the app. Receiving good ratings from
    your passengers is important, since passengers who give you
    under three stars will not be matched with you again. Low
    ratings decrease the number of rides you could potentially
  • Smartphone. You also need a Smartphone so that you can
    access these apps to check the rides that have been assigned
    to you.

      The average hourly income for an Uber driver is just under $20.
      However, this rate varies a lot by location and hours worked.
      Uber charges passengers a base fare for each ride. The
      additional fees are calculated based on a per-mile or a per-
      minute rate, depending on the city. There are additional fees,
      referred to as “surge pricing,” when there is a high demand for a
      vehicle, like during rush hour.

    • Earnings vary a lot from one city to another. For instance, the
      average hourly rate for a New York City Uber driver is $30, while
      Chicago drivers make around $16 an hour. The amount of time
      you’re willing to commit to working for Uber will also influence
      your hourly rate, since drivers who work more hours tend to earn
      a higher hourly rate.

    • It is possible to earn between $25 and $35 per hour with Lyft.
      Hourly rates vary from one city to another because Lyft uses
      different methods to charge passengers.

    • In cities like Orlando, Madison, Ann Arbor, or Austin, passengers
      are shown a suggested amount. They can choose what they want
      to pay, which means you’ll earn more if you provide your
      passengers with a great experience.

    • If you drive for Lyft in New York City, Chicago, Atlanta, or Denver,
      your passengers will have to pay a base fare and additional fees,
      based on time or distance. Just like Uber, Lyft charges more when
      there is a high demand for cars. Passengers have the option of
      tipping their driver on top of the regular fare.

      Earn a Part Time or Full-Time Income. Get Started Today 
        Driving for Uber or Lyft can turn into a full-time gig if you take the
        job seriously and look for ways to get the most out of the time
        you spend driving.
        This is how you can earn more with these services:
      • Compare different shifts. Since you are an independent
        contractor, you get to choose when you work. Take
        advantage of this and try driving during different shifts. Keep
        track of how much downtime there is between rides, how
        much time it takes you on average to go pick up a passenger,
        and how much they tip.
        ✓ Focus on the shifts where you tend to earn more. You
        should be able to earn more by driving during weekend
        nights or rush hour due to the additional fees. This varies
        from one city to another, so you’ll have to figure out which
        shifts are the most profitable in your area.
      • Choose profitable areas. Location has a lot to do with what
        you can earn since these apps are especially popular with
        young professionals and college students. You should be able
        Earn a Part Time or full-Time Income. Get Started Today
        to earn more by primarily working in neighborhoods where
        the night life attracts young people.
      • Provide a great experience for your passengers. The
        quality of the service you offer influences what you earn,
        especially if you drive for Lyft. Always be polite and
        professional towards your passengers and do your best to be
        on time.
      • Try driving for both services at the same time. Indicate
        that you are available on Uber and on Lyft to decrease down
        time between rides.
      • Becoming an independent driver for Uber or Lyft is a great way
        to supplement your income. The hours are flexible and you can
        easily get started as long as you have a reliable vehicle. You can
        even turn this into a full-time gig if you’re located in a city where
        there’s a high demand for these services.

      • The downside is that these services are not available in every
        city yet. If Uber and Lyft are not available where you live,
        consider commuting to the nearest large city or wait for these
        apps to launch in your area.
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Earn $1,200 guaranteed by driving with Lyft in St. Louis. Apply here, and give 100 rides in 30 days: Terms Apply

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How to Hire An SEO Expert On Fiverr

How To Hire An SEO Expert On Fiverr

You have a really good chance of finding quality work when you Hire An SEO Expert On Fiverr

How to Hire An SEO Expert On Fiverr

Contrary to the fast process of paid traffic where you can get your content out to the masses REAL FAST, SEO might take a a little while. However, the upfront patience and investment can pay off in a big way in the future.

In online marketing there are two general types of traffic. The traffic you pay for and the traffic that comes organically. Paid traffic examples are solo ads, pay per click, video ads, etc. Organic traffic is a search engine result after someone types in a keyword or phrase. Above all, organic results are based on how relevant a website is to the search query.

Hire A Fiverr gig worker today

Other factors that weigh in on search results are domain authority, page authority, website age, the content on the site, the tags and title, etc.

When set up correctly, your website or blog should be relevant and optimized for particular keyword phrases. When search engines crawl and read your site there should be no doubt what your content specifically relevant to.

SEO basically comes down to two big things

On Page SEO and Off Page SEO

Below is a a walk though on How to Hire An SEO Expert On Fiverr

To follow along you can right click this link and choose to open in a new tab

When you do you will be taken to a page that looks like this

How to Hire An SEO Expert On Fiverr

You’ll need to go ahead and sign up for an account at fiver. Before you do, go ahead and copy the url and save it so you can easily come back to that page.

Once you have signed up and confirmed your email you will be sent to a different page.

How to Hire An SEO Expert On Fiverr

This is like fiverr’s main page when you log in. When I’m looking to fiverr to find an expert I usually start here and Post A Request for a custom order.

Doing it this way allows me to get a feel for what I can get and for how much. It’s also a great place to find bargain deals as people who make offers to your request are usually newbies.

Don’t be too critical about someone being new to the Fiverr platform. They might be very well versed with years of experience in SEO but they are just new to Fiverr.

These new people are very motivated to start making a name for themselves and get a kickstart on the platform. You could help them by ordering a gig from them and then, if earned, give them a good review and rating.

Now I’m not trying to convince you to use a “New Guy”. I’m just pointing out the option is there and you can find some killer value here if you interview and screen a few of these people.

If you want to go with a worker wo is more proven, go grab that link you copied earlier an search through those gigs for someone you can hire.

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How to Find A Good Website Designer

Using Fiverr How to Find A Good Website Designer

So you’re thinking about hiring a website designer or having a go at it yourself? First question, What’s your time worth?

When you start your journey with Web design and development you may find the learning curve is steep and time consuming.

Let’s say you spend 30 hours learning all the ‘how to’ just enough to get a functional website developed that suits your needs? Would it be be worth it?

The second question you must ask yourself:

Do I want to become a website developer or is it a better use of my time do what I do best and hire out the rest?

What’s so special about website design? Well, all that content, copy, and specially integrated functions like you would see on a storefront website can add levels of complexity and price. However,

Hire A Fiverr gig worker today

It’s basically all made of the the same stuff.

To make the point, let’s imagine two homes are being built, one by an Amateur, the other by a master builder. Both craftsman start out with the same amount and type of wood. You would think the quality of the two finished houses might be obvious both aesthetically, and more importantly, on a foundational level. And you would probably be right.

Websites are all made of the same stuff too, but this stuff is called code. HTML code gives it structure, CSS code gives it aesthetics and JavaScript gives it functionality.

On Fiverr there are plenty of pro’s more than capable of handling your website design needs.

Go to fiverr here and find a Web designer. Research their work, and compare prices. Keep in mind that you will need to establish hosting For your website and have a domain name.

As your consulting with the fiverr gig worker Make sure they set up a content management system that you can interface with should you need to make minor changes to your site in the future.

It’s wise to have a robust and easy to use CMS or content management system so you can come in with edits has needed without too much frustration.

I would also recommend you establish a relationship with your gig worker for any future technical assistance that you might not be able to handle yourself.

Pro Tip Here: Learn how to use Any Desk

With Any Desk you can allow your worker to come in to your computer remotely while watching every click that they make.

In an Any Desk session they can work on your website while you watch. I found that this gives me more of a sense of control and safety when working with these folks online until I really get to know them better.

So if something is stumping you, simply go back to that worker and request an an desk session to fix the issue (while you watch).

How to Find A Good Website Designer

Key things to remember when selecting a fiver worker for website design

  • Look at their work history
  • Read reviews
  • Contact them first with a few very simple questions that you expect to be answered when they reply. This is my attention to detail and communications test. With a gig worker, difficult in the beginning usually means ongoing difficulty whether it be quality of work, communication, etc.
  • Compare prices while keeping in mind that more often than not, you get what you pay for.
  • Make sure your gig worker understands your endgame. Why are visitors coming to your site, where will they go from there?

With a little due diligence, finding a website designer on fiverr can be a great move. Not only will this free up your time for the things you are best at, it can lead to a long term asset you can quickly access for future projects.

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Video Agency Kit Review

 Video Agency Kit Review

Allow me to introduce the Video Agency Kit Review. It’s a suite of seven modules. The first one has 30+ studio quality video templates that can be edited and customized to fit just about any marketing niche. 

Video Agency Kit Review

Here are the the other seven modules included within the front end product…

  • Module 2:      2 Ready Made Stunning Website Agency
  • Module 3:      2 Incredibly Powerful Sales Video
  • Module 4:      1 Superb Professional PDF Lead Magnet
  • Module 5:      6 High Converting Email Sequence
  • Module 6:      5 Persuasive Fiverr Gig Description Templates
  • Module 7:      1 Dazzling & Winning Proposal Design

Videos are very hot in the market right now. If a picture is worth a thousand words, video speaks a million. People are paying top dollar for video services.  I’m not trying to convince you that video is taking over as a medium for advertising, you already know that or you wouldn’t be here right?

Video Agency Kit Review

Commercial license is included on the front end product.  You can sell the videos you create to your clients for top dollar!   You can create and sell as many videos as you want.   You Keep 100% of the Profits.

I’ve been in the video SEO and post production niche going on ten years. I can rank just about any video for any niche! Being able to make fast studio quality explainer and sales videos was not always easy. Sometimes it could take hours and yes, days, to get a quality product completed.   If I were to come across this review back then it would have been epic and a no brainer business decision to scoop it up.

Is the Video Agency Kit right for you?  If you run a video marketing agency or have ever been interested in just freelancing a few video projects here and there, I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t be completely exited with what is being offered in this suite bundle.

 There is soooo much value here for just $22 bucks for the front end package!

I’m going to give this offer a BIG thumbs up. It’s getting a 4.5 star review.

Video Agency Kit Review

Video Agency Kit Review

4.5 stars, why not 5?

Well, most agency kits out there will dazzle you with the how to do the (tech stuff) mostly they teach about creating the product. Where most fall short is in prospecting, contact and follow up!


You won’t find my exclusive software ANYWHERE else! This software, along with customer getting instructions will allow you to take your video creations, multiply them with ease, while showing you a strategic plan to get them in front of people, the RIGHT people like RIGHT FRICK’N NOW!

All this tech stuff is great, but I don’t want to bog you down and confuse you with a bunch of hyped up bonuses that will sit on your hard drive and never be opened. I promise you this…

If you use my software, along with the marketing instructions included you will be well on your way to GETTING YOUR VIDEOS SOLD! That’s what it’s all about right?

Video Agency Kit Review

My advice…Please stop chasing the shinny object, get this now before the price goes up. You’ll also receive my Video Multiplier Software & Marketing Strategy for a stupid total of $22 bucks. Get crackin and don’t look back! Hopefully this Video Agency Kit Review will put you on the fast track to success!

Video Agency Kit Review


Immediately after checkout you can go to the JV zoo page and select “find my purchases” in the upper right.  Click that and then scroll down to find your bonuses there.

One Time Offers (OTO’S)

If you opt to get this front end product for only $22 (the price is going up after every sale so my advice is to act fast) you will see the following (2) upsell offers.

OTO 1 $39 – Video Agency Kit PRO first Video Agency Kit Review Upgrade

Get more value with magnificent readymade Studio Quality Templates & Agency Business Kit (Websites, Sales Video, Proposals, Graphics & More)

OTO 2 $67 – Templates Bundle Edition second Video Agency Kit Review Upgrade

Extra Templates Like Creative banners, Animated Videos, and Video Designs- All on MAJOR discount!

When You Upgrade to either of the two OTO’s listed above I will throw in my extra exclusive bonus course GOOGLE IMAGE RANKING HACK.

Video Agency Kit Review

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