How to Find A Good Website Designer

Using Fiverr How to Find A Good Website Designer

So you’re thinking about hiring a website designer or having a go at it yourself? First question, What’s your time worth?

When you start your journey with Web design and development you may find the learning curve is steep and time consuming.

Let’s say you spend 30 hours learning all the ‘how to’ just enough to get a functional website developed that suits your needs? Would it be be worth it?

The second question you must ask yourself:

Do I want to become a website developer or is it a better use of my time do what I do best and hire out the rest?

What’s so special about website design? Well, all that content, copy, and specially integrated functions like you would see on a storefront website can add levels of complexity and price. However,

Hire A Fiverr gig worker today

It’s basically all made of the the same stuff.

To make the point, let’s imagine two homes are being built, one by an Amateur, the other by a master builder. Both craftsman start out with the same amount and type of wood. You would think the quality of the two finished houses might be obvious both aesthetically, and more importantly, on a foundational level. And you would probably be right.

Websites are all made of the same stuff too, but this stuff is called code. HTML code gives it structure, CSS code gives it aesthetics and JavaScript gives it functionality.

On Fiverr there are plenty of pro’s more than capable of handling your website design needs.

Go to fiverr here and find a Web designer. Research their work, and compare prices. Keep in mind that you will need to establish hosting For your website and have a domain name.

As your consulting with the fiverr gig worker Make sure they set up a content management system that you can interface with should you need to make minor changes to your site in the future.

It’s wise to have a robust and easy to use CMS or content management system so you can come in with edits has needed without too much frustration.

I would also recommend you establish a relationship with your gig worker for any future technical assistance that you might not be able to handle yourself.

Pro Tip Here: Learn how to use Any Desk

With Any Desk you can allow your worker to come in to your computer remotely while watching every click that they make.

In an Any Desk session they can work on your website while you watch. I found that this gives me more of a sense of control and safety when working with these folks online until I really get to know them better.

So if something is stumping you, simply go back to that worker and request an an desk session to fix the issue (while you watch).

How to Find A Good Website Designer

Key things to remember when selecting a fiver worker for website design

  • Look at their work history
  • Read reviews
  • Contact them first with a few very simple questions that you expect to be answered when they reply. This is my attention to detail and communications test. With a gig worker, difficult in the beginning usually means ongoing difficulty whether it be quality of work, communication, etc.
  • Compare prices while keeping in mind that more often than not, you get what you pay for.
  • Make sure your gig worker understands your endgame. Why are visitors coming to your site, where will they go from there?

With a little due diligence, finding a website designer on fiverr can be a great move. Not only will this free up your time for the things you are best at, it can lead to a long term asset you can quickly access for future projects.

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