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Text to speech software Is the technological advancement in the tools and software industries that is used to read text aloud. The sound generated after clicking on the selected text is computer generated and can be controlled through human hands. The followings are some of the tips that must be kept in mind while using text-to-speech software.

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Selection of software:

The quality of the output depends on the software you are using. However, there are multiple software’s available in the markets with different rates. All are dedicated to taking text into speech. Some are good at the conversion of emails, some are good at essays and some are at books and other large material. In the end, I must recommend the one which is used both for small and large files with at least five years’ guarantees.

Selection of Microphone:

The first and foremost thing is the selection of a microphone. The quality of the voice generated by a system depends on the microphone used. A good microphone not only ensures the quality of text conversion into speech but also makes sure that your text is transcribed accurately without any error. However, what type of microphone a person should select depends on the needs and requirements.

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indian accent text to speech

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Selection of Text:

A famous saying is “input depends on output”. The selection of text is the first thing that is directly linked to output. It is advised to all, always select a text that is clear and readable. The software does not remove errors, so it’s necessary to choose the clear text. Conversely, if you choose the text which is written in a way that is rarely readable, your output will be minimized.

The use of Punctuation:

Punctuation’s are the masters in a text that change the meaning of a sentence. However, the lack of proper use of punctuation oftentimes confuses the listeners and makes it difficult for them to understand properly.

For example… let’s go? Here the sentence shows the question.

Let’s go! Here it shows the exclamation.

Let’s go. Here it shows the simple statement.

Have you seen the changing of meaning after the use of punctuation? It’s better to choose proper punctuation marks to understand the listeners.

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Review your audio clip:

The most important thing after carefully choosing the above-mentioned selection criteria, you are advised to twice listen to your audio. Lest there is any error you can highlight and remove it. Besides, listening to the audio clip is necessary to avoid the wrong pronunciation of abbreviations used in the text.

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