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Make Money Driving For Lyft in Saint Louis

Make Money Driving For Lyft in Saint Louis

Starting your journey in the rideshare space can be a lonely road ahead.

Get tips by using the guide just below this paragraph. 

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Start Earning with Lyft Today


People hailing taxis from the curb are a common sight in any big
city around the world. However, such a sight could soon be a
thing of the past, thanks to apps like Uber and Lyft. These apps
hire drivers as independent contractors and connect users in
need of a ride with the nearest available driver.

Uber has been around since 2009 and is already available in 45
countries around the world and in over 200 cities. Its main
competitor, Lyft, has been around since 2012 and is available in
64 cities around the U.S. You can Make Money Driving For Lyft in Saint Louis!

These services have been receiving a lot of attention from the
media lately and their success shows no signs of letting off. Uber
just announced it would launch a food delivery service based on
the same principle.

When you become a driver for Uber or Lyft, it’s possible to earn
more than what a taxi driver makes. Plus, it’s an ideal way to
supplement your main source of income since you can work
flexible hours.


Uber and Lyft are based on a very simple principle. Users input
their location and their desired destination. They are matched
with a driver who is in the area, and the driver is prompted to
accept the ride.

Once the driver accepts, the passenger receives information
about the estimated pick up time and the car’s license plate.
Drivers and passengers can communicate through the app in
case the passenger has to cancel or more information is needed
to find the pickup location.

Lyft and Uber offer different categories of vehicles to choose
from. Most users choose the basic service offered, namely riding
in an economy vehicle.

Payments are processed through the apps. Lyft users can tip
their driver and toll fees are automatically added to what the
passenger pays. Passengers also rate their driver through the
app once they have been dropped off.

Earn a Part Time or full-Time Income. Get Started Today


There are a few requirements you have to meet in order to
become an independent contractor for these companies.
First, ensure that Uber or Lyft is available in your area by
checking their websites.

Make Money Driving For Lyft in Saint Louis
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If one of these companies operates in your area, see if you
can meet these requirements:

  • A reliable vehicle. Uber lets you sign up as long as your
    vehicle is in good working order. Lyft requires that you own a
    2000 or 2005 model car or newer, depending on your city.
  • Age and background. You have to be 21 or older and pass a
    background check for both services. Lyft also performs a
    check through the DMV to ensure you have a good driving
  • Driver’s license. You need a valid driver’s license to become
    an independent contractor for either service.
    ✓ Uber also requires you to have a commercial driver
    license. Getting one of these licenses costs between $100
    and $300.

    ✓ Lyft only requires you to have a regular license, but it is
    likely a commercial license will be required in the near
  • Personal auto insurance. You don’t need additional
    coverage, since these companies will provide you with
    additional coverage for what your policy doesn’t cover.
  • Good driving and people skills. The passengers you pick up
    will rate you through the app. Receiving good ratings from
    your passengers is important, since passengers who give you
    under three stars will not be matched with you again. Low
    ratings decrease the number of rides you could potentially
  • Smartphone. You also need a Smartphone so that you can
    access these apps to check the rides that have been assigned
    to you.

      The average hourly income for an Uber driver is just under $20.
      However, this rate varies a lot by location and hours worked.
      Uber charges passengers a base fare for each ride. The
      additional fees are calculated based on a per-mile or a per-
      minute rate, depending on the city. There are additional fees,
      referred to as “surge pricing,” when there is a high demand for a
      vehicle, like during rush hour.

    • Earnings vary a lot from one city to another. For instance, the
      average hourly rate for a New York City Uber driver is $30, while
      Chicago drivers make around $16 an hour. The amount of time
      you’re willing to commit to working for Uber will also influence
      your hourly rate, since drivers who work more hours tend to earn
      a higher hourly rate.

    • It is possible to earn between $25 and $35 per hour with Lyft.
      Hourly rates vary from one city to another because Lyft uses
      different methods to charge passengers.

    • In cities like Orlando, Madison, Ann Arbor, or Austin, passengers
      are shown a suggested amount. They can choose what they want
      to pay, which means you’ll earn more if you provide your
      passengers with a great experience.

    • If you drive for Lyft in New York City, Chicago, Atlanta, or Denver,
      your passengers will have to pay a base fare and additional fees,
      based on time or distance. Just like Uber, Lyft charges more when
      there is a high demand for cars. Passengers have the option of
      tipping their driver on top of the regular fare.

      Earn a Part Time or Full-Time Income. Get Started Today 
        Driving for Uber or Lyft can turn into a full-time gig if you take the
        job seriously and look for ways to get the most out of the time
        you spend driving.
        This is how you can earn more with these services:
      • Compare different shifts. Since you are an independent
        contractor, you get to choose when you work. Take
        advantage of this and try driving during different shifts. Keep
        track of how much downtime there is between rides, how
        much time it takes you on average to go pick up a passenger,
        and how much they tip.
        ✓ Focus on the shifts where you tend to earn more. You
        should be able to earn more by driving during weekend
        nights or rush hour due to the additional fees. This varies
        from one city to another, so you’ll have to figure out which
        shifts are the most profitable in your area.
      • Choose profitable areas. Location has a lot to do with what
        you can earn since these apps are especially popular with
        young professionals and college students. You should be able
        Earn a Part Time or full-Time Income. Get Started Today
        to earn more by primarily working in neighborhoods where
        the night life attracts young people.
      • Provide a great experience for your passengers. The
        quality of the service you offer influences what you earn,
        especially if you drive for Lyft. Always be polite and
        professional towards your passengers and do your best to be
        on time.
      • Try driving for both services at the same time. Indicate
        that you are available on Uber and on Lyft to decrease down
        time between rides.
      • Becoming an independent driver for Uber or Lyft is a great way
        to supplement your income. The hours are flexible and you can
        easily get started as long as you have a reliable vehicle. You can
        even turn this into a full-time gig if you’re located in a city where
        there’s a high demand for these services.

      • The downside is that these services are not available in every
        city yet. If Uber and Lyft are not available where you live,
        consider commuting to the nearest large city or wait for these
        apps to launch in your area.
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Earn $1,200 guaranteed by driving with Lyft in St. Louis. Apply here, and give 100 rides in 30 days: Terms Apply

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